Spode reputedly bought William Turners Stoneware patent some time during the second decade of the Nineteenth Century, with items classed as stoneware appearing from around 1815. Experimentation with Felspar and other additions to the formula saw a patent for “New Stone” filed around 1821, with pieces primarily featuring oriental style designs appearing by the following year. When Copeland Garrett took over the factory in 1833, the mark was retained. Pieces of this style and with comparatively early pattern numbers like the one illustrated below fall into the early and original Spode New Stone era and this plate dates from around 1822-1825

Spode Stone China CIMG2053



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  1. I have a spode plate with a brown backstamp with the word DELFT on top then a number 226336, and underneath a capital C superimposed on a geometric design, and underneath Copeland and underneath that, England. There is also a name written in italics sideways under the mark, but I cannot read it, it looks something like Rocke Hermitage, or Heritage, or something in that vein. then there is a stamp into the china of the plate with the letter A above something I cannot decipher either.On the front is a castle tower with a river, (three men on the right side of the bridge) and a bridge with a single arch, 3 white cows in front of the bridge , trees to the left and right (the right being the biggest tree)and buildings in the background and at the left side of the bridge. How old is my plate. I bought it for a dollar at a Goodwill store.

    1. This was a series of castles and towers, in coloured transfer printing. The backstamp that you describe was used from 1875 to 1890. Provided there are no chips or cracks it is worth about $15 – $20. There is currently one on ebay, type in ‘Delft Spode Copeland England’ They are asking $28 !!

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