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Lerosey – Rue de la Paix

Paris Porcelain – Numerous porcelain manufacturers and decorating studios flourished in Paris from the mid eighteenth century until nearly the end of the nineteenth. Competition was tough and the decorating quality was very high, so it was not unusual for the bases of the porcelain to have considerable detail  – right down to the address from which more could be purchased!

Lerosey – Rue de la Paix – Paris Porcelain 1880-1890 [GGP]

This example is by M Lerosey who founded this porcelain decorating studio at 11 Rue de la Paix around 1880. Dating between 1880 and 1890, this mark not only shows his name, but also his address at 11 Rue de la Paix. Several Rue de la Paix manufacturers have been identified – Lerosey, himself had several studios along the road – going back over 60 years to around 1820 when he worked with J Rihouet. As one of the earliest studios in the road this one is actually simply known as Rue de la Paix – Lerosey’s earlier mark only differs from the 11 Rue de la Paix example by the number – 7 Rue de la Paix. The following two pictures give an idea of the overall quality of the pieces produced by Lerosey.

Lerosey – Rue de la Paix – Paris Porcelain between 1880 and 1890 [GGP]
Lerosey – Rue de la Paix – Paris Porcelain between 1880 and 1890 [GGP]

For interest – another studio along the Rue de la Paix was Number 18,  founded in 1818 by Ferdinand Brunin – He signed his work Ferdind Brunin, rue de la Paix no. 18

6 thoughts on “Lerosey – Rue de la Paix

  1. I have a bunch of plates dishes with this marking and trying to figure out its value

  2. I have China from 30 rue de la prix. The maker is Paul blot or root. Is this familiar to you

  3. I have a small cobalt blue cup, espresso size, with gold decoration encircling under the rim on the outside. The inside is solid gold as is the handle. I can remember this in a corner cabinet in my house since childhood and I know it is a lot older than me. It is very pleasing to the eye and I have long wondered about it. On the bottom is written in script:
    Le Rosey
    Rue De la Pais any thoughts? thanks, sheila m.
    (The D is very small, but looks like a capital)

  4. I inherited what I believe is a potpourri porcelain Bowl and I’m looking for approximate date it looks to noon to be what I thought of 1880 1890. It is in a red slash pink script and its states: lerosey, Rue de la paix.
    Thank you in advance for any help

    1. lerosey was active between 1847 and 1931, so if the style of your piece is consistent with your estimate, it is a perfectly reasonable guess – if the number is not included with the road, it is likely to be late 19th Century rather than earlier – so again consistent

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