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Blue and White Query

Name: Linda
Message: I have recently purchased a very old dish, that I think may be ironstone, and bears only a very faint impression on the back. Can you help identify it from the attached please?

At first glance it appears to be similar to the Davenport Marks such as this  but the style and quality of the ceramics doesn’t gel.

I have tried enhancing the details of the mark, but it is not very clear – it could be an Omega symbol

But I think it is more likely that the mark is a letter G – in which case it is not a factory mark at all, but a size / pattern mark.

As this is clearly a ceramic piece made from a mould and the mark is raised, so was incised or stamped into the mould before the liquid ceramic clay was poured in – this is the most likely explanation.

Sadly, that doesn’t help with identifying the maker – but, the lack of other marks does help with the dating. I would put it as early nineteenth century – it isn’t ironstone as the paste is too soft. The dark colour and the simplicity of the design is interesting. Although the manner of the application of the transfer suggests that it did not come from one of the major manufacturers.